We offer electrical repair and services to a wide area including Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and Bucks counties. For fast, and reliable service with only the highest quality products and technologies by the best electricians – It has to be the Electric Man. For your convenience, we provide the following electrical repair and installation services including:

Diagnose problem

Sometimes you just need someone to find out what is wrong with your home’s electrical system and fix it. Are lights flickering or getting dim? Does a switch feel hot? Does your home feel like something is burning? Is there something just not working? We can help. We’ll figure out whether the problem is serious or not, and give you peace of mind about the state of your home.

Recessed lights

Is your kitchen dark? How about the dining or living room? We can add beautiful recessed lights that add light to your work and entertaining areas without the need of fixtures protruding from the ceilings.

Install ceiling fans or fixtures

You bought the fan or light and now need it installed. We handle all aspects of it, from running the wires and assembly, to taking down the old fixture (if there is one) and getting it all working.

Repair and Installation

Our electricians are here to help you with all of your installation projects- From a basic ceiling fan to a high hanging chandelier. When they come to assess your repair, they are able to diagnose the issues and provide the proper repair.

Add electrical outlets

Eleminate ugly extension cords that are both trip hazards and fire risks.

Dryer, oven, and range installation

The new dryer is in and the plug doesn’t fit. your old oven is wired into the wall and you don’t know how to get the new one wired in properly and quickly. You can’t do without a stove! Call us; we do this all the time and we understand you need these appliances functional right away.


You have decided you want to update your kitchen or finish off your basement. Maybe you want to do it yourself without a general contractor. Let us help you with the wiring needs. We can design a National Electrical Code compliant electrical system. We will acquire the electrical permits insuring a safe and compliant job executed without hassle. We also help with design matters, helping you onsider how you will use your new space to fit your lifestyle and save some money while doing it!

Rewire a whole home

You have been told your home has knob and tube wiring. Safe when it was installed 80 or more years ago, it is getting well past its lifetime. The systems are undersized and installation is often falling right off the wires. We are specialists in identifying where this wiring is in your home, removing it, and updating the wiring and devices to modern National Electrical Code standards – making your home both more convenient and safer to live in. Most homeowner’s insurance providers now require knob and tube wiring to be removed before they will insure the room. Talk to us about what is involved and how we may help you make the upgrading process as smooth as possible.

Pool and hot tub wiring

You bought a new pool or hot tub and now you need to get power to it. Do not fool around with this! Electricity and water do not mix. Use a licensed electrician, like Electric Man,to have the power provided safely.

Redo and upgrade electrical services (lifetime warranty, too!)

You have a fuse or a circuit breaker panel getting towards the end of its life (generally 20 to 30 years old). Maybe you are adding air conditioning or adding a room. We remove your old service, replace the service wiring and meter base, upgrade the grounding and install a new Cutler Hammer CH panel and circuit breakers. Our work is backed with the best warranty in the industry – for as long as you own your home!

Attic and whole-house fans

Do you feel heat radiating down from your ceiling in the summer? An attic fan removes a lot of the heat build up under the roof, making you much more comfortable and reducing the demands on the air conditioner! Whole house fans help keep the home cool without the use of air conditioning. We can help with either.

Exhaust fans

Got a moisture problem in your bathroom? Do the windows sweat in the winter? Does your bathroom mirror fog up? A good exhaust fan reduces the moisture build up in your bathroom, preventing these problems and helping guard against roof rot and mold as well.


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