Repair and Installation

Our electricians are here to help you with all of your installation projects- From a basic ceiling fan to a high hanging chandelier. When they..
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Upgrade Electrical Services

You have a fuse or a circuit breaker panel getting towards the end of its life (generally 20 to 30 years old). Maybe you are adding air conditioning…
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Rewire a Whole Home

You have been told your home has knob and tube wiring. Safe when it was installed 80 or more years ago, it is getting well past its lifetime.
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As a CurrentSAFE®partner, we’re able to offer residential electrical safety solutions that increase family safety and the sense of well-being. We apply extensive training, experience, and sophisticated diagnostic equipment to thoroughly evaluate a home’s electrical system.

  • Lightning strikes
  • Power Surges
  • Frequent Blackouts
  • Home or wiring over 35 years old


We send our technicians to the factory of our equipment manufacturers to insure they know the latest technology and repair techniques. We run evening classes to encourage professional development and continuing education of our technicians.
There’s no place like home, and that home should bring you peace of mind. From the moment we arrive until the last bit of cleanup is complete, we treat your home with respect.
We give you an up-front price before the work begins. There is no wondering about how fast the technician is working, if you got a slow one, what happens if the job runs long, when does the clock start. None of it. The price at the end of the job is the same as what we quoted at the beginning. No surprises.

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